Who are Acubis Analytics

Acubis is a financial tool tailored to meet the complex needs of the retirement industry.

Acubis has been developed by West Coast Capital based on its experience providing financial consultancy services to some of the largest operators in the New Zealand retirement industry. The tool has been designed to help retirement village operators simplify the complex relationships between vacancy and resales probability distributions, sales prices and inflation, and resident contract terms.

Acubis provides the ability to reflect these relationships in a DCF valuation and operating and financial projections across a large portfolio of units.

Put simply- Acubis reduces analytical time and improves financial intelligence across your organisation. Better outputs for better business decisions.

Retirement Village insights made simple. Perfectly

West Coast Capital

West Coast Capital is a boutique corporate advisory and management firm based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The team at West Coast Capital help clients navigate complex financial situations. Critically we provide meaningful evaluation, then support our clients to implement outcomes.


Acubis is a highly sophisticated tool especially designed for the retirement industry. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and understand more about how Acubis could help your business.